This funny clothespin turns any bike into an eBike

The VAE Clip kit weighs only 3kg and can be installed without tools. © Clip.Bike Bike

The Clip is a clever kit based on a friction motor that transforms a classic bicycle into an electric bicycle in seconds.

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It’s not easy to imagine that the funny case that we see attached to the front wheel of this bike is actually a pedaling assistance kit. And yet the Clip, that’s its name, is a friction motor-based VAE conversion kit that installs in seconds, without the need for any tools. Its designers say they were inspired by our good old VéloSoleX for the principle of a direct transmission which drives the front wheel.

The two ends of the Clip attach to the fork tubes, so that the 450W electric roller motor comes into contact with the tire. Two batteries housed in the arms of the box total 144 Wh and can provide up to 25 km of assistance. A Bluetooth button that is attached to the handlebars controls assistance.

The VAE Clip kit weighs only 3kg and can be installed without tools. © Clip.Bike

The clip will soon be available in France

You can therefore detach the Clip and recharge it at home or at work in 40 minutes. The kit weighs only 3 kg and can easily fit in a backpack. It fits on all city bikes and vtc equipped with wheels from 26 to 28 inches. If the aesthetic side of the system is questionable, its practicality is not at all. For 399 dollars (about 324 euros at the current price), you can taste the benefits of the electric bike without breaking the bank. Those who own several muscle bikes or would like to share a Clip with family or friends will also see a definite advantage.

For the moment, the product is not yet available in Europe, but the eponymous company has already announced that it intends to launch it “soon” on the old continent and in particular in France. To be continued …

The VAE Clip kit uses a Bluetooth remote control located on the handlebars. © Clip.Bike

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