This stainless steel electric scooter is a marvel of design

This stainless steel electric scooter is a marvel of design

Designed by a team of Swedish engineers, this attractive electric scooter is based on a fully stainless steel chassis-body manufactured using a folding technique inspired by origami. A process that is both aesthetic and virtuous from an environmental point of view.

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It’s not yet clear whether this electric scooter project will see the light of day, but regardless, it deserves a spotlight. It is the work of Stilride, a Swedish company that aims to revolutionize the manufacture of light electric vehicles through a robotic folding method of stainless steel inspired by origami.

Starting from stainless steel sheets, the process, called Light.Fold, made it possible to create the entire structure of the chassis which also acts as a fairing by harmoniously marrying the concave and convex surfaces. The result is totally atypical and from our point of view quite attractive. It should be noted that Tue Beijer, one of the co-founders of Stilride, collaborated with Giotto Bizzarrini, famous Italian engineer who worked in particular on the design of the legendary Ferrari Testa Rossa and 250 GTO.

Significant savings on manufacturing costs

Thanks to this type of manufacturing which does without a traditional tubular frame that must then be dressed, Stilride explains that countless costly steps financially and from an environmental point of view are eliminated. Technical details about Light.Fold are succinct, but Stilride says its technology is ready for industrial testing and could save 20-50% on hardware and 25-45% on labor. artwork.

It is not known for the moment what type of motorization and battery will use this scooter. On the other hand, its designers explain that they have chosen to equip it with fairly large diameter wheels and a front / rear suspension from the bike for better driving pleasure. As promising as this project is, the road to a finished and marketable product still seems long and complex. But it deserves to be successful!

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