Valeo launches into the electric bicycle with a “revolutionary” automatic gearbox motor

Valeo launches into the electric bicycle with a "revolutionary" automatic gearbox motor

The equipment manufacturer Valeo wants to play the troublemakers in the electric bicycle market with an unprecedented technical solution that combines a powerful electric motor and an adaptive automatic gearbox in the same box.

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Do Bafang, Bosch, Yamaha or even Shimano have any concerns? It is still a little early to tell. But one thing is certain, the arrival of Valeo in the electric bicycle market will make some noise. Especially since the French equipment manufacturer arrives with an innovation that it does not hesitate to present as a “world first”. It is an electric motor coupled to an adaptive automatic gearbox. The module is integrated into the crankset and the transmission to the rear wheel is done by means of a belt and not a chain. No more derailleur, cassette or handlebar speed controls.

The 48V Valeo electric motor is an adaptation of an equipment already present in the manufacturer’s range and of which it controls mass production. It develops 130 Nm of torque, which is very high for an eBike. The automatic gearbox is signed Effigear, a French company which has been developing this solution for several years. It has seven speeds controlled by an algorithm that adapts the ratio according to the pedaling. The rider does not have to play with controls to change gears. He pedals at his own pace and the automatic gearbox does the rest.

The cyclist’s effort is multiplied by eight

The Valeo Smart e-Bike System would multiply the cyclist’s effort by eight, explains the equipment manufacturer according to which a 150kg weighted cargo bike is able to climb a slope of 14% without inflicting any particular effort. This motor-box module can be mounted on urban electric bikes, E-MTBs and therefore cargo bikes.

The promise is exciting and could initiate a major development in the electric bicycle market. Provided that the total weight of this module and its price allow it to be used in various and extended ranges of VAE. Valeo says it is currently in discussions with electric bicycle manufacturers who are testing its solution and announces that cargo bikes equipped with the Smart e-Bike System will be marketed at the end of 2021. Valeo undoubtedly has a good card to play in this segment of utility bikes. more and more use by delivery services. And according to the official photos released to the press, Ateliers Heritagebike, whose superb vintage ebike we recently presented, is one of the brands that could offer this innovation.

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