Voltaire: a sober and elegant “Made In France” electric bike!

Voltaire: an electric bike Made In France, sober and elegant! Bike

Riding with your nose in the wind on Boulevard Voltaire in Paris or elsewhere will soon be possible … riding a Voltaire! The name of this new electric bike sounds very French and that’s quite normal since it is manufactured, designed and soon delivered in France! 18 months to develop this elegant and sober electric bike!

Resolutely designed for the city, the Voltaire can cover between 50 and 80 km! We could describe the Voltaire as an old-fashioned bike with very current technologies. Delivery times are currently four months. It may appeal to those nostalgic for the bicycle!

Concretely, the Voltaire is mounted on a low-step aluminum frame. It is suitable for people of all sizes (1.55m to 1.85m). On the motor side, it has three levels of assistance for a 220 W motor and 35 Nm of torque.

On the battery side, it is removable, hidden under the saddle for a minimum of bulk and a perfect aesthetic side. The saddle tilts to release the battery which is 360 Wh and recharges from the mains in about 3h30. The range of the Voltaire is between 50 and 80 kilometers depending on your driving.

On the weight side, it is a bit heavy as it weighs 19.8 kg. It would therefore be better not to run out of battery because the ribs could leave marks on your good morning mood … Or you will have reinforced concrete calves!

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Voltaire: an electric bike Made In France, sober and elegant!An electric bike that can be controlled with or without a smartphone.

To be able to check the data of the battery, the remaining time, it is said of a control screen integrated directly into the stem. The screen is also used to manage the anti-theft system, the alarm and integrates geolocation. As an option, the Voltaire can communicate with your smartphone.

How much does it cost ?

Finally, on the price side, it will take 2390 € to ride on the handlebars of the Voltaire. A significant cost but this bike is made in Sarthe, Seine-et-Marne, Nord and Eure et Loire, pure Made In France. It is available in blue, green or black and is decidedly unisex! Remember, the state financially helps new buyers of electric bicycles and it is sometimes very interesting!

Source: www.neozone.org

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