330 km / h with the Voxan Wattman motorcycle

The Voxan Wattman has an aerodynamic carbon fairing Moto

367 hp and 970 Nm, front axle with double oscillating arm, cooling by dry ice, aerodynamic carbon fairing …

Biaggi targets 330 km / h for Bolivia speed record

Max Biaggi will have the task of reaching 330 km / h with the Voxan WattmanThe history of Voxan has not been easy, whether during the first fifteen years of its existence as a French motorcycle manufacturer, or since its acquisition by Gildo Pastor in 2010. However, under the control of Venturi , Voxan has reconnected with its history by enlisting the services of Sacha Lakic, designer of the first Voxan and then of the Black Magic, to shape the Wattman, an electric motorcycle concept of more than 200 horsepower presented on the occasion of the Mondial de Paris at the end of 2013.

Just a year and a half later, Venturi decided to put the Voxan brand on hold and suspend production of electric motorcycles to focus solely on motor racing and speed records.

While we no longer really expected any news from Voxan, the brand finally announced last year that a new Wattman was going to be developed to try to break a speed record in the summer of 2020 with a draw. other than Max Biaggi at the controls of the machine. Today, the brand has just presented in detail the Wattman which will attempt to beat the world speed record at the Salar d’Uyuni in Bolivia in July 2021.

The Voxan Wattman has an aerodynamic carbon fairingThe Voxan Wattman features an aerodynamic carbon carnage

Under its air of “simple” electric streamliner with aerodynamic carbon fairing developed in a wind tunnel, in reality hides a multitude of technical and technological innovations. The Wattman thus hides a tubular frame in aeronautical steel with a double-link front suspension associated with a central shock absorber and offset steering by rods.

The Wattman opts for a double swingarm at the frontThe Wattman opts for a double swingarm front

The permanent magnet motor has also evolved well since it now develops a maximum power of 367 horsepower and a torque of 970 Nm. It is powered by a 15 kWh Lithium-ion battery weighing 140 kg alone! To cool the whole thing, an original system without a radiator was developed. In fact, the water here is cooled by dry ice (compressed carbon dioxide in the solid state) located in a specific tank under the saddle.

Wattman opts for liquid cooling with dry iceThe Wattman opts for liquid cooling the dry ice

On the other hand, there is no front brake or parachute as explained by Frank Baldet, the technical director of the project:

There is no front brake for several reasons. Firstly because it is better in terms of aerodynamics at high speed, but also because on these large stretches we take a long time to accelerate and we have a lot of room to slow down. Last but not least, braking with the front wheel at very high speed on a salt lake can cause imbalance and cause a fall. We do not use a parachute, but the pilot has a brake on the rear wheel, which he controls with the left handle and an engine brake adjustment, by means of a small lever installed at the right handlebar grip.

The motorcycle’s Michelin Pilot RS + tires, approved for a speed of 350 km / h, have undergone a battery of tests on benches normally reserved for aircraft tires to ensure that they resist at least up to 450 km / h, enough to leave plenty of leeway for the future record attempt.

The record attempt will take place in July 2021 in BoliviaThe record attempt will take place in July 2021 in Bolivia

While Ryuji Tsuruta set a 329 km / h record on a Mobitec EV-02A last fall, Max Biaggi will set off in July 2021 with the goal of reaching at least 330 km / h.

Technical specifications Voxan Wattman

Permanent magnet motor
Power: 367 hp (270 kW)
Torque: 970 Nm
Battery: Lithium-ion, 756V, 15 kWh
Transmission: direct, by toothed belt
Cooling: liquid, by exchanging water / dry ice
Frame: tubular in 25CD4S steel and 7075 T6 aluminum
Front suspension: double oscillating arm with central shock absorber and handlebars offset by rods
Rear suspension: double swingarm with central shock absorber
Wheels: 6082 T6 aluminum rims cut in the mass
Front tire: Michelin Power RS ​​+ 120/70 ZR17
Rear tire: Michelin Power RS ​​+ 190/55 ZR17
Front brake: –
Rear brake: 305 mm disc, 4 piston caliper
Length: 2,700 mm
Width: 710 mm
Height: 1.030 mm
Seat height: 610 mm
Wheelbase: 1,850 mm
Ground clearance: 70 mm
Motorcycle weight: 300 kg
Battery weight: 140 kg
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