a design competition to imagine the Polestar of 2040

a design competition to imagine the Polestar of 2040 Moto

a design competition to imagine the Polestar of 2040

The new Polestar brand is turned towards the future with its electrified technologies. It is also in terms of design and is launching its annual competition with the theme: the Polestar of 2040.

Polestar is the new sporty and electric branch of the Volvo brand. It is also the entity that explores the technologies of tomorrow as well as the design of the future. To learn about the directions of tomorrow and give young designers the opportunity to practice, Polestar is launching its annual competition.

The Swedish firm thus allows amateur or professional designers to unleash their creativity, free from regulatory, industrial and financial constraints. There is little more than one watchword to attempt to aim for selection: purity of design. This theme should be very widely respected with the Scandinavian art-deco inspirations dear to the brand, but also with electrical technology, which frees from certain mechanical considerations. For more latitude, the brand has indicated that all rolling objects can be imagined. Like this electric motorcycle out of the imagination of John McInnis, who is not his first attempt at futuristic two-wheelers.

a design competition to imagine the Polestar of 2040

A realization in the Polestar design offices

After a first selection on traditional or digital sketch, designers will have to propose their idea in 3D. They will be supported remotely by the Polestar designers as well as by Maximilian Missoni, the brand’s design manager, to model their concept. The winners will have the immense privilege of seeing their project take shape at the center of Polestar design and be exhibited at an event orchestrated by the brand.

If the call of the pencil occurs, know that the deadline is set for October 26. If not, you can already feast on some electrical ideas on the Polestar Design Community Instagram page.

Source: www.automobile-propre.com

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