Ed Motorcycles: Concept Z, a 75 horsepower Dirt Track electric motorcycle!

Concept Z: a ​​75 hp Dirt Track electric motorcycle! Moto

In recent years, we have seen the emergence of electric motors in the world of two-wheelers. A trend that is clearly not about to fade away. Indeed, as Designboom.com tells us, a Dirt Track-type electric motorcycle was recently announced in Australia by the start-up Ed Motorcycles.

Concept Z is first and foremost, as its name suggests, a concept. Suffice to say that this is a product that is not yet intended for sale. Nevertheless, it looks very promising both in terms of design and in terms of performance.

Lightweight and precise design

For the record, Ed Motorcycles was founded by a former aviation technician named Toby Roberts. This is noticeable in the design that is both light and assiduous of the Concept Z. With a minimalist design, the machine differs from most existing electric motorcycles by its look similar to that of a Flat Track type competition motorcycle. .

With its powertrain occupying most of the center of its steel frame, this electric motorcycle from Ed Motorcycles is sure to impress two-wheel enthusiasts. In fact, it is mounted on large 19-inch rims to improve ground clearance.

Photo credit: Ed Motorcycles
Concept Z: a ​​75 hp Dirt Track electric motorcycle! Concept Z: a ​​motorcycle Electric Dirt Track 75 horsepower!

The braking system is characterized by the presence, at the front, of a large 298 mm disc braked by the action of a four-piston caliper. At the rear, Ed Motorcycles installed a 220mm disc operated by a single piston. We will also highlight the existence of a large monoshock shock absorber.

0 to 100 km / h in 3 seconds

The performance part is obviously not to be outdone. The Concept Z is equipped with an air-cooled brushless electric motor. With a power of 52 kW or approximately 75 hp, it offers a top speed of 150 km / h and a torque of 157 Nm. Note that once the power is transmitted to the wheel via the chain, the torque increases to 850 Nm.

Concept Z’s clutchless design ensures extreme linear acceleration. Speaking of which, know that with this electric motorcycle from Ed Motorcycles, you can reach 0 to 100 km / h in just three seconds. To achieve all these performances, the company opted for a 99v lithium battery.

Considering these different characteristics, we can say that the Concept Z is above all an electric two-wheeler designed for sport than for everyday use. It remains to be seen whether it will ever hit the market or remain at the concept stage.

Source: www.neozone.org

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