Suzuki ready for electric motorcycle

The manufacturer has the technology for electric motorcycles and scooters

The 2013 Suzuki Extrigger ConceptThe offer in terms of electric two-wheelers is growing month after month, but most manufacturers remain behind in this market and many have not yet taken the plunge, except BMW, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, KTM, Piaggio with his Vespa and Yamaha. However, between the increasingly restrictive regulations for thermal vehicles and the new demands in terms of urban mobility, everyone will have to pass if they do not want to miss the boat.

This is all the more true for the brands that distribute small engines on the Indian market, while the country is showing its desire to ban the thermal for all models under 150 cm3 by 2025.

Thus, in an interview with Financial Express, Devashish Handa, commercial vice president of Suzuki Motorcycle India, indicated that the Japanese manufacturer was ready to go into battle and that he even had all the electrical technology necessary to launch a first machine.

However, Suzuki does not intend to immediately attack this market and prefers to wait until consumers are willing to pay more to buy electric.

We are carefully monitoring the market, but the demand for electric two-wheelers is not consistent. The higher acquisition cost compared to thermal vehicles continues to be a concern. As buyers get ready, Suzuki will hit the market because it already has the technology.

Is Suzuki falling behind its Japanese competitors? While the brand gave us a very urban electric concept with its Extrigger in 2013, it seems since then to leave this type of vehicle on hold. However, at the same time its competitors have not been idle like Honda, whether at the TT with Mugen, on the road with the PCX or off-road with the CR, from Yamaha, which recently joined forces. to Gogoro for his EC-05 or even Kawasaki who works on a small electric Ninja with his EV Endeavor.

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