Volcon Grunt, a fat-tire electric motorcycle with impressive range

Volcon Grunt, a fat-tire electric motorcycle with impressive range Moto

Volcon is one of those young nuggets whose mission is to provide us with environmentally friendly transport solutions. Based in the United States, in the state of Texas, it recently lifted the veil on an electric motorcycle that has nothing to envy the off-road models of the day. Designed to last and withstand the toughest tests, the Grunt will seduce fans of two-wheelers with its attractive design characterized by the presence of very aggressive wheels …

An electric motorcycle ideal for getting around in hostile environments

The Volcon Grunt is first and foremost designed for riders with an adventurous spirit. All its aspects have been designed to meet the requirements of this category of users. The 31cm ground clearance is sure to suit those who love racing over rough terrain, while the powertrain’s IP67 certification rating ensures a smooth ride in flooded or dusty conditions. In fact, it is a standard that guarantees the waterproofness of a product.

Combined with an impressive 102 Nm of torque, low seat height and agile handling, these features of the Grunt will allow you to climb a hill, cross a ravine or even traverse sandy terrain without the slightest worry. We also quickly understand why Volcon opted for massive and studded wheels.

A maximum range of 160 km

On the engine side, Volcon’s first electric motorcycle is betting on a 50 horsepower unit installed on the central part of the frame. Transmission to the rear wheel is through a chain. As our colleagues from Inceptive Mind note, the performances are remarkable.

Photo credit: Volcon Grunt
Volcon Grunt, a fat-tire electric motorcycle with impressive rangeVolcon Grunt’s “big wheel” electric motorcycle.

The Volcon Grunt is capable of covering a maximum distance of 160 km with a full charge. The fact that its battery is interchangeable saves time. In fact, it takes about 2 hours of charging for it to regain its full capacity. In terms of acceleration, the machine promises a 0 to 100 in just 6 seconds. The top speed is 96 km / h.

The Volcon Grunt is expected to go into production next year. Once on the market, it will cost $ 5,995 in its basic version. Note that the company also plans to launch two electric-powered utility vehicles in the process.

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