a design competition to imagine the Polestar of 2040
a design competition to imagine the Polestar of 2040Moto
The new Polestar brand is turned towards the future with its electrified technologies. It is also in terms of design and is launching its annual competition
for PSA, lowering costs is a priority
for PSA, lowering costs is a priorityAuto
Anticipating the gradual decrease in government bonuses, the French group wants to make lower costs a priority for its electrical offensive. “
one in three cars sold will be electric in 2030
one in three cars sold will be electric in 2030Auto
Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles will grow to 31 million units sold per year by the end of the decade, or one-third of the global automotive market
the electric car “made in China” is debated
the electric car "made in China" is debatedAuto
According to the Force Ouvrière (FO) union, an achievement in China for deliveries to France would make this connected vehicle lose all its environmental interest.
Innovation & Startup: This electric vehicle is based on the modular concept
The German company ElectricBrands has managed to create a buzz around this new electric vehicle that is hard to define! Indeed, this electric scooter and
Printed in carbon fiber, the Superstrata Ion electric bike frame weighs just 1.3kg!
3D printed, the Superstrata Ion electric bicycle frame weighs just 1.3 kg!Bike
Photo credit: Superstrata An electric bike printed in 3D! This is the amazing novelty presented by Superstrata Ion, an American brand. 3D printing will
Silence S01 Electric Scooter
The removable battery is mounted on casters for easy transportScooter
Removable battery with wheels, 100 km / h, 127 km range, 111 kg A Spanish manufacturer in the electric scooter Silence is a Spanish brand specializing
80 km / h and 320 km of autonomy for this Delfast electric bike
Delfast Top 3.0, the electric mountain bike that challenges motorcycles 69.9 kg, torque of 182 Nm, 19 “wheels, VAE mode, 6,249 euros With the development
inventory and update on the motorcycle of the future
Zero Motorcycle FXSMoto
The current state of electric motorcycles, where are we with the “motorcycle of tomorrow”? The electric motorcycle was almost born with Zero
Suzuki ready for electric motorcycle
The manufacturer has the technology for electric motorcycles and scooters The offer in terms of electric two-wheelers is growing month after month, but