BMW Definition CE04, an electric scooter on the way

NEWS – Close to the series, the CE04 concept announces the future zero-emission city scooter from the company with the propeller.

BMW Definition CE04, an electric scooter on the way Enes Kucevic

We have been warned: BMW’s next electric scooter will closely resemble the Definition CE04 concept presented recently at the NEXTGen event. Its clean and modern style is a continuation of its first electric vehicle C-Evolution but this new scooter will install the driver lower than before. The originality of the concept lies in the treatment of the rear part. The short saddle stops in line with the rear wheel The main focus of the design offices was to reduce the size and weight of the components of the electrical technology.

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This is how the flat battery is housed in the floor, which has the effect of lowering the center of gravity, while the electric machine has become more compact. This new arrangement freed up space to provide a new storage space on the side for storing a helmet and accessories.

hermann koepf

If the BMW press release is to be believed, this new scooter is really made for urban journeys, less for peri-urban journeys. Engineers started from the premise that urban users do not exceed 12 km per day on average. This allowed the battery to be sized accordingly. “Comfort over long distances is therefore less important than ergonomics and accessibility,” said BMW.


The propeller firm has paid particular attention to connectivity. The CE04 scooter inaugurates the largest screen on the market. With a diagonal of 10.25 inches, it allows you to find the environment of your smartphone. BMW has not set a market date or price, but if we take the example of the C-Evolution, less than two years elapsed between the presentation of the study and the marketing of the production model. So let’s bet in the case of CE 04 for an appearance on the market at the beginning of the year 2022.


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