Ciclone E4, a light and compact electric scooter built for the city by Garelli

The Garelli Ciclone E4 electric scooter in its Cross version. © Garelli Scooter

The Italian brand Garelli has given itself a second life by taking the turn of the electric. It launches a new scooter with the look of a mini motorcycle equivalent to 125 which can reach 70 km / h and offer up to 110 km of autonomy.

If you like motorcycles, the name Garelli is bound to be familiar to you. This Italian manufacturer, born in 1919, had its heyday in the 1980s with several world titles in the 125 motorcycle championship. Liquidated in 1987, the company rose from its ashes in 2018 by developing a wide range of electric bikes and scooters .

The current news at Garelli is the Ciclone E4, a nice scooter approved as a 125. Mounted on 13-inch wheels, it is equipped with a Bosch 4 Kw electric motor housed in the rear hub which develops 160 Nm of torque and can reach 70 km / h. The 72v / 35 Ah 2.5 kWh battery housed under the saddle can travel up to 110 km. Removable, it recharges in 6 to 8 hours. A fast charge option cuts this time in half. The E4 is a muscular version of the Ciclone with which Garelli made his debut.

The Garelli Ciclone E4 electric scooter in its Cross version. © Garelli

Available at the start of the school year for less than 5,000 euros

The Ciclone E4 is fitted with a hydraulic fork, adjustable spring rear shock absorber and 220mm disc brakes. It is equipped with a two-seater saddle and displays rather compact dimensions (1.669mm long and 1.195mm wheelbase). Its look is reminiscent of mini beach bikes and the good old Dax.

Garelli offers the Ciclone E4 in three finishes Urban, Soul and Cross for those who want to cultivate a more adventurous style. It will be available at the start of the school year through the brand’s retailers, which are around twenty in France. The price starts at 4,500 euros.

The Garelli Ciclone E4 electric scooter in its Soul version. © Garelli

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