Honda will undoubtedly market an electric version of its legendary Super Cub

Honda will undoubtedly market an electric version of its legendary Super Cub Moto

Honda has just made public its patent giving it exclusive operating rights for a new concept of power supply for two-wheeled vehicles. The patent in question contains more images of a prototype electric motorcycle and several diagrams of the housing and removal of the battery.

Apart from this innovation, the brand has attracted the attention of the public thanks to the model shown. All in all, this is Honda’s legendary Super Cub, although the document does not specifically mention its name.

Speculation on a Super Cub with an electric motor

Almost 10 years passed between the presentation of the EV-Super Cub electric motorcycle prototype and the patenting. Until then, the Japanese company seemed to have abandoned the project. This was actually preparing a surprise for enthusiasts, by concocting a small revolution.

The patent published by Honda seems to relate mainly to the battery, in particular its location (at the level of the footrest) but also the method of removing it. To get it out of the floor, it suffices, according to the plans, to tilt the case. The practicality of this invention has yet to be demonstrated. However, it keeps the available space in the safe.

It should be remembered that most current scooter models have their power supply unit under the saddle. Nothing therefore prevents the firm from following this trend with its own models. We can therefore conclude that this is a priori a technology designed expressly for a possible “EV Super Cub”, especially since it is used here as a basis in the diagrams.

Photo credit: Honda patent
Honda will undoubtedly market an electric version of its legendary Super Cub Honda goes without doubts to market an electric version of its legendary Super Cub

Mass production of electric motorcycles at Honda

Filing a patent usually means production on an industrial scale. Honda is probably working on the marketing of electric scooter type vehicles. We are already seeing the manufacturer’s impressive progress in this direction and the entry of this giant into this market will probably have a positive impact on prices.

Despite this, even if it puts forward its Super Cub for its patent, the Honda company may well opt for a completely new version. Indeed, considering the structure of this legendary motorcycle and the size of the battery, it will be difficult to install an engine. Moreover, there is no information on this subject in the famous document. In this case, we remain in the domain of simple supposition. Nevertheless, the chances that the Japanese company will repeat the offense and start producing eSuper Cubs are quite high.


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