Innovation & Startup: This electric vehicle is based on the modular concept

Innovation & Startup: This electric vehicle is based on the modular concept

The German company ElectricBrands has managed to create a buzz around this new electric vehicle that is hard to define! Indeed, this electric scooter and scooter manufacturer has just created a new concept called the eBussy, and the least we can say is that it lacks neither originality nor interest! We will explain everything to you.

A new vehicle

Visually, there is no doubt that the eBussy resembles Volkswagen’s famous van. So maybe the German company finally just created the 21st century Volkswagen Transporter T2. But it still has many strengths that work in its favor. Indeed, the engineers imagined an entirely modular system.

Which means ? Well quite simply that the eBussy can be transformed according to the needs of the user. Indeed, we can compare its system to that of Lego bricks. Thus, the eBussy can be a minibus, a van, a motorhome with double berth, or even a pickup. All the necessary comfort is present, with beds and even a small kitchenette!

A clean vehicle

The eBussy is an electric vehicle that is made from 98% recyclable materials. It can carry up to a ton of payload. The motorization is provided by four electric motors, and the maximum speed is 90 km / h. As for the range, it can reach 600 kilometers with a full load, and 400 kilometers with a ton! There are also photovoltaic cells and an energy recovery system.

In short, the eBussy just seems perfect! Fans of the genre are already eager to see it roam the roads. The vehicle will be marketed from 2021… In other words, very soon! To be continued then.


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