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Rules of the road on electric scooters Scooter

A year ago, legislation was put in place on the use of scooters. A clear highway code, but little known and little respected. State of play, figures and overview on the issue.

The ever-increasing use of electric scooters, especially in large cities, has forced the authorities to put in place very clear rules to prevent abuse and accidents. A year ago, they appeared in the Highway Code. After a year, it is clear that this regulation remains poorly understood despite its growing use. Thus, a study carried out by Smart Mobility Lab with the French Insurance Federation (FFA), Prevention Insurance and the Federation of Micro-Mobility Professionals (FP2M) shows a lack of awareness of the rules.

Rules of the road on electric scooters

Revealing figures on ignorance of the rules

The study showed that 43% of electric scooter users are unaware that there is legislation governing the use of their electric two-wheelers. Less than two-thirds have taken out essential liability insurance. The study came up with other figures revealing this misunderstanding.

A little-known traffic code for electric scooters

Thus, 21% of users do not know that it is forbidden to drive on a sidewalk with an electric scooter. 37% are unaware that the speed is limited to 25 km / h. More than a third do not know that it is forbidden to operate two people on the machine. Nearly half say they don’t know that wearing headphones or using a phone is not allowed. Finally, 57% are unaware that the use of an electric scooter is reserved for people 12 years or older.

Highway code use electric scooter

Self-service scooter users less aware

The study carried out by Smart Mobility Lab also revealed a very noticeable difference between regular users of electric scooters, often owners of their machine and those who make occasional use of it, in particular with scooters made available in self-service in the cities. The report thus highlights a notable difference in risk awareness. 9/10 scooter owners wear a protective helmet. Only 1/10 self-service scooter user uses such a protective accessory.

Electric scooter legislation

The crucial question of liability insurance

Another frightening finding is that only 66% of electric scooter owners are aware of the obligation to take out liability insurance that covers them in the event of damage caused to a third party. They are only 62% or less than 2/3 to have taken out such insurance!

Stéphane Pénet, spokesperson for the Assurance Prévention association, explains: “One year after the entry of electric scooters and other EDPMs into the Highway Code, the insurance dimension, and more broadly the notion of responsibility, remains obscured by many users. However, for the protection of all road users, it is everyone’s duty to be insured before using an EDPM. All the players in the sector must continue the educational effort on this insurance obligation “.

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