Soon a BMW electric scooter with removable roof?

One of the diagrams from BMW patents describing an electric scooter with removable roof. © BMW / EPO Scooter

Several patents filed by BMW describe a new concept of electric scooter with a removable roof and airbag systems. Will the C1 be reborn in a modernized version?

Released at the start of the new millennium, the BMW C1 scooter looked like a UFO with its roof and seat belt system that allowed it to be driven without a helmet. The concept has not met with huge commercial success or been emulated. However, the German manufacturer has obviously not given up on the idea. A series of patents (1, 2, 3, 4) filed in 2019 with the European Patent Office and recently published, suggests that the C1 could have a successor in electric version.

The description seems to indicate that the basis of this project could be the BMW C Evolution, the brand’s electric scooter released in 2014. BMW patents detail a removable carbon fiber roof system with four deformable anchor points in the event of shock (N ° 40 on the diagram below). There is a four-point seat belt system with pretensioners to clamp the driver inside the safety cell. Side airbags protect the hips to the shoulders and lower the arms inside the cockpit.

One of the diagrams from BMW patents describing an electric scooter with removable roof. © BMW / EPO

Computer-controlled stabilizer fins

The back of the seat is reinforced and provided with padded sections which act as shock absorbers in the event of a rear impact. BMW has even gone so far as to provide a stabilization system controlled by computer, with side fins whose inclination varies according to the wind in order to create more support and prevent the scooter from being unbalanced in the event of a gust.

Last interesting point, this roof would be easily removable, making it possible to switch to a “discoverable” version of the electric scooter under the circumstances. A concept that seems to have learned from the shortcomings of the BMW C1. What to meet the success in case of commercialization? To be continued…

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