Stilride unveils a very atypical electric scooter concept, with a stainless steel frame!

Stilride unveils a truly atypical electric scooter concept! Scooter

The market for electric two-wheelers is experiencing an unprecedented boom. As we have always said, this situation is largely due to the pandemic which encourages people to move individually. Added to this is the fact that in some countries, the use of a “green” vehicle provides tax relief or even a subsidy.

Aware of this reality, the Swedish start-up Stilride recently presented an electric scooter concept with an unusual look. Indeed, on this model, the frame is not the only imposing part to be in metal. The fairing is made of stainless steel sheets!

An aggressive and elegant look

Before going any further, it should be noted that Stilride is a young company owned by Tue Beijer. To make the scooter a design marvel, the latter called on the talent of the famous Italian designer Giotto Bizzarrini. As you can see, the machine has a look that is both aggressive and elegant. The choice of stainless steel as the material for the fairing gives it a shiny appearance that will certainly delight riders who want to stand out in the jungle of city traffic.

To achieve such a result, Stilride claims to have developed a technique called “Light Fold”. This automates the bending of steel sheets. The least that can be said is that the prototype does not have to be ashamed of the current scooters on the market, which usually have a plastic fairing.

Reduce costs and better protect the environment

According to the start-up, in addition to ensuring the precision of cutting and folding, this process helps to minimize costs while preserving the environment. This is made possible by a decrease in the need for raw materials, but also for labor. Stilride estimates the material savings between 20% and 50%, while the savings in labor would be between € 25 and € 45 per vehicle.

Stilride unveils a truly atypical electric scooter concept! An electric scooter with a steel frame ‘steel Photo credit: Stilride

No information is currently available regarding the characteristics and performance of the beast. It is also unknown its price and release date. One thing is certain, however, this electric scooter from the young Swedish nugget will make more than one dream with its many physical characteristics. According to some experts, Stilride should normally opt for a power more or less close to that of a thermal scooter of 125 CC (at most).


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