the scooter at 445 euros

The Ninebot C30 is currently reserved for China Scooter

An electric model with VAE performance

The scooter for the moment reserved for the Chinese market

The Chinese giant Xiaomi does not intend to restrict itself to the smartphone markets and is increasing its entries in other segments with aggressive prices. The group has already put a wheel in electromobility with low-cost urban scooters, like the 70mai A1, but also many EDPs through its company Ninebot.

And the least we can say is that Ninebot is really targeting the entry-level of the electric scooter market with its all new C30 model which targets teenagers. It’s simple, the Ninebot C30 is offered at 3,599 yuan in China, the equivalent of 445 euros at the current price! It’s even cheaper than an entry-level eBike.

Aesthetically, the little scooter is simple, but modern with color and round lines to appeal to the target audience. On the other hand, the characteristics and performances announced are up to the price.

The C30 is thus powered by a 400W brushless motor capable of ensuring a torque of 40 Nm but with a top speed limited to 25 km / h, a purely regulatory choice since it makes the vehicle accessible without a license in the Middle Empire.

The heavy battery remains removable and offers a range of up to 35 km. It also leaves a little room for storage under the saddle. Other versions C40, C60 and C80 allow a greater autonomy. Braking is provided at the front by a single disc and by a drum at the rear.

The Ninebot C30 is currently reserved for ChinaThe Ninebot C30 is currently reserved for China

For now, Ninebot only markets the C30 in China. But the brand having owned Segway since 2015, it is not impossible that comparable models will arrive in the near future in our regions, especially since Segway has put an end to its famous Segway this summer to focus on EDP ​​and motorized two-wheelers.

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