Tromox Mino: a small but powerful electric motorcycle

Tromox Mino: a small but powerful electric motorcycle Moto

Tromox is a relatively young brand. Having made its debut in the world of green mobility only recently, this small Chinese company based in Hangzhou apparently already wants to make a place for itself in the big leagues. Indeed, despite its small size, its first electric motorcycle, the Mino, relies on a design comparable to that of a trail made by a major brand. As Electrek notes, the young Asian nugget made her world debut at the 2019 edition of the EICMA show in Milan.

Fun to drive

At first glance, the Tromox Mino looks like an electric motorcycle for children / teenagers, except that its performance allows it to meet the demands of an adult. It is not for nothing that Tromox hired an Italian design company to design the machine. Melody Mo and her team wanted to create a two-wheeler that was both unique and fun to drive. Thus was born the Mino.

Of course, Tromox did not forget to add his personal touch. 30 key points have been added to further customize the machine. With an application that can be installed on a smartphone, the user can adjust the performance according to his preferences and the road conditions. In fact, despite its appearance close to that of a scooter or even a moped, this two-wheeler from Tromox was designed to be used on different kinds of tracks thanks to its powerful engine.

Tromox Mino: a small but powerful electric motorcycle Tromox Mino: a small but powerful electric motorcycle. Photo credit: Tromox

60 V battery

Note that the motorcycle is equipped with a central powertrain of 2.5 kW. Four battery capacity options are offered, among others, 2.3 kWh, 1.9 kWh, 1.6 kWh and 1.3 kWh. In any case, the nominal voltage is 60 V. It is obvious that the autonomy changes according to the capacity of the accumulator, but Tromox promises a maximum endurance of 118 km, and this, at a speed of 30 km. / h.

The Mino is capable of going faster, especially at 60 km / h, but considering its weight of 68 kg added to yours, don’t expect to achieve that range when you are going at high speed. Tromox already markets some of its products in China, but with its desire to expand internationally, the start-up is expected to start offering the Tromox Mino in Europe from spring 2021.


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