the bug corrected by Tesla

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the bug corrected by Tesla

The bug that allowed electric vehicle owners to have free access to certain Tesla superchargers has now been corrected by the automaker’s teams.

The party is over ! Over the weekend, news that the V3 supercharger network was opening to all electric vehicles on the market spread like wildfire across the web. Hyundai Ioniq, Kia e-Niro, New Renault ZOE, Peugeot e208 etc… all models equipped with the combo standard could benefit from a free recharge on the new V3 terminals of the American manufacturer. An opening that was only short-lived since the bug has since been rectified by the Tesla teams.

Confirmed to Automobile-Clean by the manufacturer, this information puts an end to certain rumors. On Twitter, TeslaStars explained that the opening up of superchargers to competing brands was not accidental. “This is due to a European law which requires new charging stations to have at least 1 or 2 stations compatible with any electric vehicle,” he explained. According to our sources, the two events are not correlated.

Author’s opinion

If the announcement of this corrigendum is a big disappointment for a large part of the community, the incident which occurred this weekend proves that Tesla superchargers are indeed “EV ready” and ready to communicate and to welcome all models. competitors with the combo standard. This implies that the Californian brand has probably performed tests with most models on the market. As this accessibility is controlled by software whose updates are performed remotely, it will be very easy for Tesla to open its network to certain partner brands.

However, the identification issue remains to be resolved. Today, the supercharging stations operate without a badge. Communication and billing are directly established by cable via a “Plug & Charge” protocol, probably developed internally by the Californian group. The other manufacturers are also working on an identical system with a common standard, the 15118, which superchargers will also have to comply with.


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